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Tres emprendedores visionarios con experiencia internacional en producción orgánica, holística, transparencia, estandarización de procesos, trabajo socio organizativo, emprendimiento, exportación, comercio electrónico, comunicación y marketing digital. Lo que inspiró la creación de PermaTree Superfoods en Sept 2019 fue la necesidad de falta de ingresos reales para las familias productoras en territorios del sur de la Amazonia Ecuatoriana. Y la falta de transparencia de los productos en los mercados del primer mundo. 

Los problemas actuales para resolver

Because of the need of real income for the producing families in territories of the southern ecuadorian amazon

The lack of transparency of “organic” certied products in firt world markets

Nuestra solución

Be Transparent like never before.
Make all relevant Information available via personal smartphone. Totally transparent process from seed to value-added superfoods. Without agrochemicals. Nutritional, price, environmental and heath information.

Creating new markets outside of the producing territories by transforming the raw material into added value products enables us to pay up to 4x more to the producing farm family which makes agriculture again a viable economic option.

La magia - ¿Cómo la hacemos?

QR-code on added value product to retrieve all relevant Information available directly via personal smartphone. Short 60 seconds product process video, photos and text. Information about producing farm family location and environment. Laboratory test regarding food quality, etc. For every product a own landing page.

Focused on promoting the production of the raw material with 400 producing families. Focused on micro lost of unique origin form the southern territories of the Ecuadorian Amazon. We go beyond the organic. Totally transparent process form seed to value-added superfoods. Without agrochemicals: zero pestidides, zore herbicides and zero chemical fertilizers.

Communicating clearly and precisely to help final consumers, to make an aducated decision at the time of the purchase of the superffod.

Beyond Just Organic

Los Encuentros – Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador

Products 100% organic

Todo el proceso se realiza localmente, por lo que todo el valor agregado se crea en el territorio. Y al hacerlo, podemos hacerlo completamente transparente para el consumidor. Al trabajar con pequeñas granjas que están de acuerdo con nuestra forma de trabajar con la tierra, sabemos exactamente cómo se cultivan nuestros productos. Sus frutas y verduras se transforman y empaquetan aquí, en nuestra propia planta. Nos comunicamos clara y precisamente sobre todos los aspectos de nuestros productos para ayudar a nuestros consumidores finales a tomar una decisión informada al momento de la compra del superalimento.

¿Cómo la hacemos?

Todo el proceso se realiza localmente, por lo que todo el valor agregado se realiza aquí. Y al hacerlo, podemos hacerlo completamente transparente para el consumidor.
By working with small farms that agree to our way of working with the land, we know exactly how our products are grown. Their fruits and vegetables are transformed and packaged here, at our own plant. We communicate clearly and precisely about all aspects of our products to help our final consumers make an educated decision at the time of purchase of the superfood.

Our products are grown by local farm families. These are small farms owned by one family living and working on it, so they can offer high quality produce.
We are able to pay them a good price and in turn we ask them to start farming organically and help with reforestation. They grow organic fruit trees and also plant 250 bamboo plants. Bamboo benefits agro forestry, erosion control, 30% more oxygen production, re-generate local mega biodiversity .
We get high quality organic products and and will reach our goal of reforestation and regenerating biodiversity in territory. The producing family in turn gets a truly higher income (x 4) compared to selling at the local market. Transparency and Win-win. That’s what we’re about.

¿Por qué es esto importante para nosotros?

We want to provide healthy honest food to the world. Our transparent process is to prevent the product from undergoing any negative transformation in its natural chain with added ingredients such as: sugar, milk, salt, seasonings, among others. All they do is lessen the effects of the antioxidants of fruit and plants, which help eliminate free radicals found in the bloodstream.
We want everyone to profit. Also the farmer and their region. Most of the time they get paid very little for their produce. This makes them turn to more profitable things like cattle farming, timber and lots of mining. All those things are destroying the Amazon Forest. We care for a healthy sustainable living environment and we focus on the regeneration of mega biodiversity.


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