Permatree Superfoods S.A.


Three visionary entrepreneurs from Switzerland and Ecuador, living at Finca Yantza in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Together we have international experience in organic, holistic production, transparency, process standardization, socio-organizational work, entrepreneurship, export, e-commerce, communication and digital marketing. We have been inspired into the creation of PermaTree Superfoods in Sept 2019 because of the need of real income for the producing families in territories of the southern Ecuadorian Amazon. And the lack of transparency of “organic’ products in first world markets.


To be an innovative and disruptive company that produces added value superfoods of the highest quality directly from within the territory.


We create added value superfoods from: dehydrated seda banana and orito banana, turmeric powder, soursop and guayusa leaf teas.


Transformation of territory. Social, environmental and economic enhancing. Work across the value chain in a transparent way with direct and indirect actors. Focused on the beneficial properties for the health and well-being of the organism.

Rescue the local own multicultural identity, focused on gastronomy, history, culture and ancient medicine.

Promote the regeneration of mega biodiversity to have crops more adaptable to climatic, socioeconomic changes beyond just organic agriculture.

Develop the production of raw material in collaboration with 400 producer families. Focused on micro lots of single origin from the southern territories of the Ecuadorian Amazon. We go beyond just organic; Totally transparent process from seed to value-added superfoods. Without agrochemicals: zero pesticides, zero herbicides and zero chemical fertilizers.

Communicating clearly and precisely to help final consumers, to make an educated decision at the time of the purchase of the superfood.

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